In addition to the statutory warranty, we provide a voluntary manufacturer's warranty of 5 years for our bags and backpacks against possible material and processing defects .

The guarantee covers all practical and functional aspects of our products , i.e. we guarantee that our products can be used without being restricted in their functionality.

However, normal wear and tear, cosmetic damage or defects caused by improper use, accidents or negligence are not covered . If our products are washed in a washing machine or if modifications are made to the product, the guarantee does not apply as this is considered improper handling.

Detailed information on the scope of our 5-year guarantee can be found in our TERMS AND CONDITIONS under point 10.2.

Warranty case :
If a defect occurs within the warranty period, you can make use of your warranty if a warranty claim exists. If a warranty claim exists, we will remedy the defect in question or replace the product with a defect-free product. The decision on the manner in which the defect is remedied rests with us. We will cover the costs associated with the direct remedy of the defect as well as the shipping costs.

Proceed :
To make a warranty claim, please submit a request via

The request must contain the following: a description of the damage, two to three clear photos of the defect and proof of purchase.

We will review the damage and decide whether it is covered by the warranty. We will then contact you promptly by email to explain the next steps.

If a warranty claim arises , you will receive a return label from us for the free return of the product to be complained about.
Please ensure that you use a box that is large enough to prevent any additional damage during transport.
We will inspect the bag/backpack you send in and arrange for it to be repaired if possible.

If we determine that the damage is irreparable , we will contact you again by email to discuss a possible replacement of the product.

If we determine that there is no warranty case, we will send the bag/backpack back to you at our expense.